Standardized Technology Staffing Gets Less Than Amazing Results

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WRITTEN BY: Philip Berman, Chief Operating Officer

Why are technology staffing firms important? How does a technology recruiter help find the right placement for your career or the right candidate with the experience, skills, and dazzling personality you require for the position you are hiring?

IT Recruiting is not just searching for individuals that may have the skill set you are looking for. So often recruiting companies are so stuck on their process, they lose sight of how to really evaluate your needs to find the exact right candidate for your position. As a job seeker, maybe you’ve been placed in a culture that doesn’t meet your needs. Additionally, clients, maybe you’ve had experience with recruiters that send you 15 resumes that haven’t been properly vetted.

Standard Technology Staffing

Most technology staffing firms focus on a process:

  1. Review the job description
  2. Search the job boards or their internal network
  3. Collect resumes and review them
  4. Have a quick call with the candidate
  5. Interview the candidate
  6. Send those resumes to the client

The problem with this process is that there are crucial steps missing. This is the “one-size-fits-all” approach to staffing. However, every business, every role and every candidate are different. So, how can you truly find exactly what the client needs and the candidate matches the requirements if every aspect of the position is not part of the process?

It starts with the client.

First, technology recruiters need to fully understand the client’s needs, then, they can look for candidates. What is the company culture like? Also, what are the personalities of the leadership team/current employees? Recruiters play a vital role in perpetuating a strong culture by selecting applicants who share the organization’s beliefs to thrive in that culture. The candidate needs to reflect the organization’s core values.

In fact, here is the crucial information technology recruiters must receive from clients:

  • Detailed job description
  • What skills are required – are there multiple?
    • Primary skill?
    • Secondary skill or more?
    • Ancillary skills?
      • Excel?
      •  Or other “soft” skills?
  • Required years of experience for each skill?
  • Will the candidate be expected to be a lead?
  • How important is collaboration for this position?
  • Does this role have both a technical and functional component?
  • Is there a client-facing aspect to the position?
  • Is this a remote, hybrid or on-site role?
  • What will define a successful hire?
  • Time frame of the position?
    • This is a critical aspect from the candidate’s perspective

Properly Vetting Candidates

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Once you know what the client wants, it is time to go to work. Use your network tools and past experienced employees to find applicants that have the qualifications, job skills and requirements needed. Once you have separated the qualified from the unqualified, the most important part is vetting candidates properly.

Meeting Candidates

Whether in-person or virtually, it is essential for recruiters to spend time getting to know the candidate on a deeper level. Personality matters! Recruiters should be asking questions that allow the candidate’s personality to show through. How a candidate responds to a series of questions allows both the tech recruiter and then the client to assess how well they will fit into the client’s culture.

Additionally, as a candidate, are you somehow conveying that you are disinterested or disengaged? A technology recruiter should help you position yourself and provide feedback to help you be more successful. A recruiter tests to see if the candidate has a difficult time understanding topical questions on the required knowledge of the position. During an interview with a candidate, recruiters must look for both soft skills and technical skills. If you are a qualified candidate, then you should be able to explain past projects you have worked on and your expertise in the tech industry fluently. The recruiter should be bringing value to both the client and the candidate to discover the best fit.

If a candidate is nervous or has a difficult time communicating, it is a recruiter’s job to coach them through the interview process to help them showcase their talents properly. In addition, technical recruiters need to understand the technology industry as a whole and its different sectors to have successful placements.

Technology Staffing: Selecting the Exact Right Fit

Finally, after a tech recruiter has vetted the candidates properly, only then should they present them to the client. The client is looking to the recruiter to be their eyes and ears and it is the staffing firm’s responsibility to connect the right people to the right position.

In conclusion, Brixton is not the standard technology recruiting firm. We believe in going the extra mile to truly understand the needs of our clients and the desires of our candidates. For example, the nuance of recruiting, the ability to fully understand who is needed to fit the myriad of traits required for an IT position, is what separates good from great recruiting organizations. At Brixton, we do not standardize every aspect of our process because we know we are dealing with people, not a product.

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