Brixton Spotlight: Laura Feldman

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Laura Feldman joined Brixton in 2017 after spending time as a Business Manager for a small architecture firm, as well as owning her own business and working as a Business Analyst on Wall Street.

As Brixton’s Human Resources Manager, Laura puts her passion for helping people to good use each and every day. Having been a consultant herself, she understands the needs of those we put to work and strives to make each consultant feel engaged and part of the Brixton family.

When not working with consultants, Laura works with our amazing Operations team to ensure our processes are streamlined, our benefits programs are current and fully implemented, and Visas are compliant. Not to mention making sure our many other HR functions are managed according to state and federal guidelines.

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Laura to discuss why she loves working in HR and how she creates success for candidates and clients at Brixton.

What made you choose Brixton?

I have always enjoyed working with smaller companies, there is a personability factor you don’t get when you’re working for large corporations. The Brixton team is great at engaging with candidates and clients, making sure they feel heard. When I first interviewed for my position, I loved the operations team. They are a wonderful group of people that have a true passion for what they do. Everyone here truly cares about their consultants and pays attention to every detail. That is so rare to find anymore.

What makes Brixton different?

Although this is the first staffing firm I have worked for, in my previous roles I have worked with many different staffing firms and our approach is much different. Brixton trains its staff to care for their resources. Our objective is not to place a candidate and run, but rather get to know our candidates and clients and nurture those relationships long-term. You cannot make a proper placement without truly knowing the people you are working with. Our seasoned team really understands the industry and how to connect the right people with the right job.

What is your position and how do you create success for your clients/candidates?

I am the HR Manager for Brixton, and I focus on handling internal tasks such as benefits, payroll, working through HR challenges, and working with consultants to assist them with whatever they need. In my position, I do not have one defined role, I wear many different hats. I love HR because there are challenges each day that are new and diverse.

For me, creating success for our clients/candidates means focusing on their needs, building good relationships with them, making them feel cared for and comfortable. I want them to feel like they have someone watching their back while they are working with us.

What is something your role has taught you?

Process for any company is an important piece of organizational growth but must be adapted at different rates. At Brixton, we are always looking for ways to improve our process, so we can better serve our candidates and clients. If you are not continually growing and changing, you will never make an impact in this industry.

What are some interesting things about you?Technology Staffing

• I love puzzles – Sudoku, Crossword, or Jigsaw (but they must be at least 2000 pieces and very challenging).
• Baking makes me happy (it’s really seeing the joy of the people when they eat my creations).
• Sunday is for football!
• My family, the beach, and a book are a cure-all for what ails.
• If I weren’t in HR, I would want to be a criminologist or a spy.

Are you looking for a career change? Connect with Laura on LinkedIn to learn more about starting a career with Brixton.

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