Bazel Consultant (Mobile Architect) (23-00181)

By March 29, 2023April 24th, 2023No Comments

Duration: 12+ months
Rate: up to $175/hr 

Looking for Bazel Expert to help advise, implement, and refine the implementation and usage of the Bazel Build System for the iOS application. Deliverable is to have the app and pipeline fully building on Bazel, using a remote cache, and set up to allow developers to locally use either Xcode or Bazel.

1. Do a thorough review of our bazel strategy and current implementation. Make recommendations on improvements and help implement those improvements.
2. Help us configure the client to properly use the bazel remote cache so that caching works across machines
3. Contribute to the development of plugin BUILD files (~203 BUILD files)
4. Contribute to the development of the application target and get the entire app building with bazel
5. Advise on a strategy for dependency based testing and help us stand up bazel-diff to enable this capability
6. Advise and start to stand up the local developer experience for bazel using rules_xcodeproj
7. Help stand up build scans with gradle enterprise to unlock the value from using that tool
8. Analyze our build graph to identify any bottlenecks in our build or obvious improvements that can be made.