Recruiter Spotlight: Allison Cox

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Meet Allison Cox of The Brixton Group

Allison Cox has been with The Brixton Group for over 8 years as their Senior Director of Recruiting. At Brixton, Allison values the consultative, collaborative approach used with their clients and candidates. She is passionate about her career at Brixton and helping clients and candidates achieve their goals.

What got you into staffing?

According to Allison, it was by accident! After graduating from the University of Maryland, she was planning on a career in fashion. The opportunities in DC were limited so a good friend in the staffing industry hired her because Allison had a strong affinity for working with people. It was a natural fit from the start. A good friend, working in staffing, needed some help with their administration/operations and hired her. A few years later, she was referred to IT staffing. Allison has an affinity for working with people, so going into staffing was a natural fit.

What do you find the most exciting about working with clients and candidates?

In working with clients, candidates, it all comes down to relationships. Allison has pride in her job as Brixton’s recruiters put a lot of time, care, and energy, into developing strong lasting relationships. At Brixton we don’t just offer canned responses and they we want both parties to be excited about the opportunities.

Building that trust [with our clients] is our foundation. With that trust comes a consultative, collaborative approach to filling their requests and needs. We do not just take orders. That is the difference with us. Instead of just asking ‘what’s the location, what’s the rate” it is really about solving their staffing gaps.

Through contract or perm, Brixton prides itself on a high hit rate because they make the time and effort to understand what the client is doing and truly are a consultant for them. For example, Allison can share what the market is bearing now, and how looking at different skills further broadens the possibilities.

Allison enjoys working with technology candidates and she’s an instrumental part to the overall recruiting process. She loves learning more about technology and the latest trends through the candidates’ experiences and leverages that experience to help educate the client. Whether it’s a specific database, programming language, phase of the technology life cycle, Allison seeks to understand the candidate’s abilities to find them the ideal role.Technology Staffing

What is it about The Brixton Group that makes you want to come into work every day?

From the beginning, Allison felt like Brixton was a great fit. The team has a tremendous passion for recruiting and relationship building. Allison takes pleasure in how the Brixton staff works towards a common goal, respects the experiences that others bring to the table, and how much they value a job well done.

Brixton came at the best time for her, and it’s been such a great place to work for the last eight years. Allison really felt a connection to the leadership at Brixton and all come from a similar upbringing in the industry. They are at similar stages of their careers and work well as an established group.

We’re all very focused on what needs to be done. There is a lot of independence, yet we all drive our own destiny. We are in it for the same results and have a trusting environment with capable people.

Fun Facts About Allison

Allison is a true fitness buff. From dancing, to running and yoga, Allison enjoys staying active with her family in her leisure time. You can find her on the golf course or on the bleachers of a basketball game cheering on her three children. Anything athletic and outdoors keeps her busy in her free time.

She also enjoys traveling. Recently, Allison and her family traveled to Portugal where they were able to visit her niece who competes as a professional soccer player.

About The Brixton Group

Founded in 1998, The Brixton Group Inc. is a values-based, technology staffing and project solutions company. Our mission is to provide unparalleled service to our clients, consultants and
colleagues through our focus on long term satisfaction.

Headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, Brixton employs a hybrid virtual and onsite workforce of experienced technology professionals delivering consultants and results to clients in 24 states, including a substantial percentage of the companies in the Fortune 100. We are comprised of a tight knit group of successful achievers who are consultative and surgical in our approach. Our clients repeatedly acknowledge & appreciate our expertise, flexibility, execution, and integrity. Our business originates from referrals of existing clients, consultants and associates which is a testament to how we conduct our business.