Brixton’s Dynamic Technology Recruiting Team

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We had the privilege of interviewing Brixton’s Chief Sales Officer, Rajiv Kandukuri and discussed Brixton’s technology recruiting team and its top-notch approach to recruiting.

Rajiv is an accomplished industry expert with over 20 years of triumphant success and experience in IT Sales, Business Development, Organizational leadership, Operations and Delivery.

Let’s get into it!

What is the background of the Brixton recruiting team?

Our scholarly crew of ambitious tech recruiting experts consists of different levels, but mostly everyone is a mid to senior-level recruiter. Our senior directors are heavily involved in the recruiting process as well, ensuring quality throughout each step. Each of our tech recruiters have an average tenure 10 – 12 years of recruiting experience and most already had roots in the technology sector. Other firms do not have the IT staffing experience the Brixton team does. Our five-star teams are built with excellence in mind.

These tech recruiters have worked in some of the largest talent hire programs in the country, including companies such as Bank of America, Wells Fargo and more. They have covered every industry vertical and industry domain including pharmaceuticals, banking and finance, telecommunications, state and fed government, manufacturing, etc.…

In addition, several of our highly proficient recruiters have won awards for their outstanding achievements in the industry. Most of them have also worked in Fortune 100 and 500 companies and have passionately served clients in that space. Brixton believes in delivering top-tier tech talent no matter the size of your conglomerate. From large corporations with a billion-dollar annual talent spend budget to the smallest of tech startups looking to leave their mark on the industry, we service them all with excellence. Our resilient recruiters tailor their search approach to match our clients’ needs and ultimately their budgets.

What makes Brixton’s recruiting team different than other firms?

What’s different? We truly understand the technology sector. Our recruiters understand technology and the vast advancements the industry has made. Brixton’s recruiters are not just performing a keyword search on LinkedIn and matching resumes to job descriptions. They actually understand the positions because they all have IT experience, therefore they understand the qualities and skill sets the jobs require. Our team has the depth to call themselves tech recruiters. Whether it is ERP, soft skills, PM, business analysts, data analysts or even more recent emerging tech like cloud enablement and mobile, they have the breadth to understand the needs of our clients and the skills of the candidates. Our team is extremely versatile in these various technologies.

Furthermore, our diverse recruiters are multi-lingual. Across the team we cover eight different languages, keeping diversity one of our top priorities. Recruiters are able to talk to candidates with different backgrounds and able to connect with candidates on a different level in their native language. This unique connection does not typically happen in IT staffing, This not only opens communication barriers but geographical barriers as well.

Lastly, we have solved time to market issues, geographical issues, financial challenges when our client needed someone at a certain cost point and so much more. We create patent-oriented tech solutions that have never been done before.

How does working with Brixton benefit its clients?

Brixton saves our clients time and money by delivering projects and highly qualified talent in a timely manner. We have high standards for our solutions, while maintaining a fair-priced consulting fee that is competitive in any market.

Everyone is talking about the need for quality tech talent. With a shortage, it seems like an impossible task, but not for Brixton. We have access to a pool of top-tier tech candidates, continuously filling talent gaps and helping our clients win the tech talent war every day.

On an even deeper level, we are a part of something so much bigger. Brixton is helping modernize the world, giving the world beautiful things and innovative solutions. We help clients find the most innovative minds in the industry to build the future of technology. We have the best team in the country and goes head-to-head with every tech recruitment team in the country because we are so passionate about what we do and experts in our craft.

How does working with Brixton benefit its consultants?

Our team believes in delivering an exceptional candidate experience. So every diligent Brixton recruiter lives by the SNAP  method.

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  • Sense of urgency
  • No negativity
  • All about them
  • Promote livelihood

We treat every candidate with the same attention to detail, it is a rush to find them the perfect technology position. We have the expertise and bandwidth to ensure every candidate feels like they are a top priority. Our team ensures we match them with their desired role quickly while maintaining a positive attitude. Brixton recruiters understand how stressful the job search is, so we always remain hopeful in the pursuit of our search, while respectfully updating candidates throughout the process. Candidates are people, not numbers or placements, therefore the search is about meeting their career expectations and desires. What is their career trajectory? Any personal goals or aspirations? Their goals drive our search.

Lastly, we promote livelihood. Staffing is giving back to the community. It is assisting someone to fulfill their dreams. We aid candidates in finding a position that matches their lifestyle and morals.

What is the Brixton method and how do you ensure quality with every placement?

The four P’s: people, process, performance and price point.

We find efficient, highly qualified IT candidates through a multi-tiered process to ensure they are good culture fit and have the right skills needed for the position. Our senior directors communicate with almost every candidate, as well the assigned account managers.

We are a high-touch IT staffing firm. Our recruiters frequently call candidates for interview prep and solicit advice about how to properly answer difficult interview questions. From dress to conversational material, we take the time to ensure candidates are interview ready.

Our team works on both sides of the fence, for the candidate and client. We also bring AI into the game and run by automation to source/screen past and present candidates in their end-to-end recruiting game.

We also offer post support, after they receive job or once they’ve finished a project to help them find their next big break. Brixton believes in compatibility and repeatability to connect further with candidates.

Our extraordinary performance is because of our people and process, we believe in successful outcomes. We deliver peak performance, and we do all of this at a good price point for our clients.

Need help finding highly skilled technology candidates or finding your next tech job, give us a call or complete our contact us form. We are ready to help.

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