Brixton Spotlight: Sara Robinson

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Sara joined Brixton as our Director of Client Services & Delivery bringing her passion and determination to the team. She has over 8 years in technology staffing, primarily working in the finance, healthcare and telecommunications industries. She enjoys networking, building relationships, and working in a fast-paced environment. You could say Sara has never met a stranger. We chatted with Sara about Brixton’s team-oriented approach to staffing and some of the things she has learned during her time with us.

1. What is your position and how do you create success for Brixton’s clients/candidates?

As the Director of Client Services, I create success for my clients by maintaining strong communication and building real relationships with them. At Brixton, we genuinely love what we do and being there for our clients and candidates when they need us is always a priority. Our interactions are never transactional, rather based on partnership, built on trust, and always going the extra mile. We tailor our solutions to the unique needs of our clients and never take a “one-size fits-all approach” to staffing.

At Brixton, our team wants to reinvent the way people view staffing. We truly want to make a positive difference in the technology sector.

2. What is the Brixton team/culture like?

We are a family. No one is competing, rather everyone is helping one another reach their goals. Our team is so positive and always collaborating to help elevate each other. Brixton is all about reaching goals together. Our team is unique because it is filled with mostly senior-level recruiters and staff. Everyone brings different expertise to the table, and we all learn from one another.

3. How is Brixton different than other firms?

We genuinely care about the growth of our recruiters, the relationships with our clients and candidates, and the overall well-being of our internal staff. We believe in quality over quantity and that goes across the board.

4. What is something you have learned working for Brixton?

There are four major lessons I have learned while working with Brixton:
1. There is not one way to do something, take a little piece from everyone and find a solution that works best. Team collaboration truly breeds the best results.
2. It is always better to have well-thought curated solutions to specific problems. Clients appreciate attention to detail and fixing unique problems with unique solutions.
3. Good people know good people!
4. Relationship building is the golden rule of staffing.

About Sarah Robinson

Technology Staffing

Sara was born in the UK but grew up in Charlotte, NC with her Iranian family. She graduated The College of Charleston with a Bachelors in Psychology and Computer Science. She currently resides in Atlanta, GA but tries to travel as much as possible! When she is not working or traveling, she spends time with her dog Stella or plays board games with her family and friends.

Fun Facts:

  • Known for hustling in Ping Pong Matches at Thomas Street Tavern.
  • Has a large collection of retro Video game consoles and plays at least once a week.
  • Volunteers at Atlanta Humane Society and takes in animals whenever she is not traveling.

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