Brixton Spotlight on Rakesh Naik

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The Brixton Group is thrilled to have had an opportunity to interview Rakesh Naik, Director of Technology Recruiting. Rakesh was recognized by Brixton as the 2021 “Outstanding Leader of the Year” for India and is passionate about his work there. We had a chance to talk with him about why he chose “The Brixton Group”,  how he feels about working with consultants, and a few interesting facts about him.

Why did you choose The Brixton Group?

Rakesh: Prior to Brixton, I worked for 15 years in the IT Staffing industry but my father passed away. Because of that I took off a few weeks, Meanwhile a close friend reach out to tell me why Brixton was different. Immediately, I understood that Brixton values “quality over quantity”. I learned more about their “white glove service” culture, how they work together as a team, and make a difference. Through personal research of the company and talking to others in the marketplace, I was convinced that Brixton was the right place for me because they take care of their people.

Why do you like working at The Brixton Group? Technology Staffing

Rakesh: A lot of things are unique and special about Brixton.
Firstly, all of us at Brixton work towards a unified goal and even though most of us work remote but we dance to the same rhythm. Not too many firms have this going for them. Secondly, i am based out of India, and after our call every morning, we get to play music of our choice, in the language of our choice and I think that is truly remarkable. Very few companies I know, embrace this level of diversity.

I genuinely believe Brixton is a den of opportunities. From the very first moment here, I was comfortable. Unlike other staffing firms, Brixton values its people the most, and is not an organization that is obsessively centered around metrics. Therefor,  I never felt crushed under work pressure like some of the other firms I worked at previously. They give each one of us logical and reasonable targets and help us achieve them, thus adding to our self-confidence and motivation.

Why Do You Enjoy Working with Consultants?

Rakesh: Simple answer to this is that I enjoy working with people and helping them land their next dream role, therefore contributing to their career and family in a meaningful way.

Since 2006, I have worked with many consultants and I love creating relationships with them. Whether I communicate in English or talk in a local dialect, I’m always learning more about them with a singular intent to help them. So i see how they fit into certain roles and opportunities. At Brixton, we are all taught to know candidates as people first and professionals later. I connect with qualified professionals on LinkedIn and After that we start a long-term friendship. Brixton is all about having the right people in the right roles. We don’t promise things that we can’t deliver on  and most importantly we want to make sure that candidates have a great experience working for Brixton.


About Rakesh

Rakesh: I have several unique hobbies. Here are some interesting facts about me.

  • I’m an avid coin collector of rare silver and gold coins, dating all the way back to 1800bc – 1600bc.
  • Painting and drawing is my passion. I received several state and district-level honors, awards, and medals for my painting skills. For example, I won first prize in a competition involving more than 3,000 participants.
  • Grew up on my father’s farm, and I love food. I’m a vegetarian who loves to travel and try different foods. For instance, my favorite dish is “vegetable Handi Biryani”.
  • I belong to a family of cops. My late father and both my brothers are part of the Indian police academy.
  • I have a wife and two children. I love spending time with them. My family makes me very proud.

You can connect with Rakesh on LinkedIn, and talk with him about any opportunities that he has available.

About The Brixton Group

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