Brixton Spotlight on Courtney Doroba

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We had the privilege of sitting down with Courtney Doroba, the Director of Client Services – East Coast and Midwest at Brixton. We discussed what made her choose her career at Brixton, Brixton’s white-glove service motto, the best parts of her job, and what means the most to her.

Why did you choose Brixton? Recruiter Spotlight

Brixton was recommended to me by a long-time client and at the time I had offers from other staffing firms. A work-life balance is extremely important to me and the environment at Brixton is so different than most companies. They truly care. I have two small children and I needed a job that was flexible with our crazy schedule. I knew Brixton was the right fit to be able to balance my home and work life. I am able to successfully help our clients and also, take care of the people that matter most to me. Brixton definitely places high value on a work-life balance and that is why I was so drawn to working here.

What makes Brixton different from other staffing firms?

Brixton is different than other staffing firms. Our white-glove service motto is at the very center of what we do and how we interact with our candidates and clients. The people come first. We do not treat our candidates like they are just a number or resume, but we truly want to help them find the very best position. For clients, we don’t just place a candidate that isn’t fit for the job and move forward. We are constantly checking in, screening candidates, and making sure that they are happy.

We don’t believe in a quick fix. We have long-lasting partnerships with our clients and candidates that go the distance. Whenever we are finding the right position for a candidate, we are asking what their long-time goals are and place them in an environment that helps them grow in their career. It is not just a position; it is a stop along their career path. We truly take the time to understand their end goal and we want to assist them in getting there along the way.

What is your position and how do you make an impact?

I am the Director of Client Services – East Coast and Midwest. Daily, I am following up with clients and ensuring there is no issues with the candidates we have placed. It all goes back to that white-glove service mantra; we don’t just make a placement and move on. We want to make sure both candidate and client are satisfied, and everything is running smoothly.

The best part of my job is placing candidates in a position they can thrive in; whether I am working with someone who is in dire need of a new job or with a new mom back from maternity leave looking to slowly jump back into the workforce. Every small move makes a great impact on someone’s future.

I always say some of the greatest and most exciting events in life are moving, getting married, having children or starting a new job. I get to help people with one of those four life-altering things. It is the best feeling! It is so awesome to see someone so happy with the position we place them in and the client happy about the position we filled. This job is so rewarding!

About Courtney

I have a three-year-old daughter and a five-month-old son. Family is so important to me; it is the reason I needed a flexible position. We love to go to the shore together and we try to make it a tradition as a family. Every Friday we make pizzas and s’mores on the back patio, and just be together. I think it is so important to put the work week aside and spend time with your family. Connect with Courtney Doroba on LinkedIn!

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