Brixton Recruiter Spotlight: Matthew Adams

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We had the privilege of sitting down with Matthew Adams, Senior Technology Recruiter at Brixton. We discussed what made him choose a career at Brixton, Brixton’s white-glove service motto, what makes a successful recruiter, and what means the most to him.

Brixton Recruiter Spotlight: Matthew Adams

1. What position do you hold and how do you create success for clients and candidates?

I am a Senior Technology Recruiter at The Brixton Group. The key to success in recruiting is building relationships with both the client and the candidate through transparency and a high level of communication.

I like to sit in on interviews to know exactly what our clients are looking for in terms of skill set, personality and culture fit. I give my candidates and clients the same focus and attention to detail from the initial interview to the final interview.

Candidates and clients know they can call and text me after hours if they need to and I will always answer. Being available and responsive is an important part of having a trusting relationship with candidates and clients.

Being transparent with your candidates about what is going on is also very important. For example, there may be several candidates being interviewed for the same position. I also share with applicants who they will be interviewing with. Creating a mock interview to provide candidates with coaching tips and real-time feedback makes them better prepared, so they feel confident in their answers.

2. What makes Brixton different than other Technology Staffing Firms?

Brixton takes pride in its “white glove” approach to recruiting. What does “white glove” mean to me? Giving our clients and candidates meticulous care and service. Nothing is transactional. We specialize in building real relationships with them, which enables us to find a perfect fit for our clients and candidates.

At Brixton, we don’t believe in submitting tons of candidates to hurry and get a position filled. We make sure we find the right one that fits all the client’s needs and also the role is exactly what the candidate is looking for.

3. Why did you decide to work for Brixton?

When interviewing with Brixton, the main thing I took away is that everyone has a healthy work-life balance. I love my job and the people I help on a daily basis, but obviously, my family comes first. This was an important deciding factor for me. Our leaders trust us and have created a great work environment and company culture.

Also, the way Brixton views staffing is very different than other staffing firms. Brixton is all about fostering long-term relationships. No one has a “what are you doing for me now” attitude. I enjoy having a strong rapport with my clients and candidates. They always come back to us!

4. What makes a successful recruiter?

Being a successful recruiter means knowing what you are looking for. Don’t pay attention to buzz words, but really get to know the client and the candidate.

Understanding what your client needs and how a candidate will fill that role is so important. Just because they have a certain skill set doesn’t mean they have what the client is looking for. Most of the time, it goes beyond the talent of the individual. You can have all the right qualifications and accolades and still not be the right person for the role. My job as a Senior Recruiter is to use active listening to really know my people. That is an important aspect of being a good recruiter.

5. What are clients looking for in candidates and what are candidates looking for when deciding on a job?

Clients are looking for dependable candidates with a strong work ethic. Hiring managers look for candidates that are excited about the work and not just going through the motions. Obviously, skill is very important, but attitude goes a long way too.

Candidates are looking for growth opportunities, the right culture fit and what is best for them and their families. How do we know? We ask them! We want to know what your values and goals are. Maybe the job we are currently filling is not the right fit, but an opening may come later that is! Detailed interviewing is the most important part of our process.

6. What are some interesting things about you? Technology Staffing

I am a big sports guy! I played baseball, basketball and football for years. So, it is a big part of my identity. I am also a huge North Carolina Tarheels fan.

My three-year-old son takes up most of my free time. We enjoy going to the beach as a family and just spending time together.

My wife and I own a hot sauce company on the side, One Hot Dad. I used to make hot sauce for fun and my family recommended that I start bottling and selling it. We had a lot of sales on Father’s Day and my wife had the idea of using the pun “One Hot Dad” for advertising and it just stuck. We are in seven stores across North Carolina, and it is a fun project my wife and I get to do together. Connect with Matthew on his LinkedIn profile!


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