Senior Enterprise Architect (23-00032)

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Location: 100% Remote
Position Type: Perm / Direct Hire 

Drive cross-cutting technical transformation across multiple product and engineering teams by being a technical leader. Own a focus area for improvement or innovation across different business domains, customer experiences, and internal operations. Serve as the firm-wide technical champion for proposals that boost how we build software and how customers experience what we deliver and are leaders of our technical transformation work.


  • Excellent communicator of technical ideas: Understand, define, and communicate critical quality attributes or non-functional requirements.
  • Embody technical excellence: Craft technical designs and architectural solutions to meet business and product needs.
  • Awareness of the technology landscape: Lead architectural assessments of existing technologies, team deliverables, and industry developments and trends.
  • Bring together stakeholders and investigate challenging problems in our industry that are often being contemplated for the first time. Lead through technical excellence and work with solutions architects to drive results in our product lines and for our business.
  • Partnership with product and engineering teams: Provide key technical inputs to product, technology, and platform roadmaps.
  • Peer leader for transformation and technical excellence: Collaborate and lead with other architects in the creation, adoption, and spread of company technology standards and principles for engineering teams.


We're looking for people who have been explicitly responsible for architecting modern solutions, who come from a technical background, and who either held an explicit architecture role or were in a technical leadership role where architecture was a core function. It's likely that you either reported to or were in a chief architect role, for example.

  • At least 10 years of engineering or architectural experience, with a substantive part of that having architecture responsibilities in public cloud platforms like Azure, AWS, or GCP.
  • Facilitation and communication skills. You will lead internal and external stakeholders to shared understandings of complex domains and propose technical solutions. You'll need to be able to communicate the merits and tradeoffs of your ideas both to technical and nontechnical executives, as well as engineers and product owners.
  • Ability to synthesize and analyze complex problems into technical and business approaches. A key part of your effectiveness will be the ability to identify, distill, and prioritize the essential aspects of the problem and construct technical approaches that consider a variety of constraints. Ultimately, you'll be called upon to answer the question "what technology strategy should we pursue to make us most successful?".
  • Demonstrate strategic thinking. Your work and designs are always part of a greater whole. Understanding how you impact other systems and people, and articulating how it aligns with broader goals, are important for your ability to be successful.