Head of Data Science (21-02022)

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Head of Data Science
About the role:
Our client is searching for a Head of Data Science to lead the data science team in terms of technical vision/direction and execution of data science models to drive the next wave of growth.

This position has both strategic and tactical aspects.  The strategic portion involves working closely with product management and our executive team to understand data science use cases and the value these use cases provide.  This role will be an active participant in those conversations to discuss, for example, where we need additional data and how that data would augment our current data sets. 
The tactical portion involves direct hands-on leadership.  This position will create data science models, tune the models, and work with your team of data scientists to productize that work.
The successful candidate should have a track record of communicating at all levels of the organization, providing hands-on implementation of data science models (this is a key requirement, for example, this individual must be comfortable writing Python code and using Amazon SageMaker), and providing clear direction to your team to drive the execution and productization of data science models.
What you’ll do:

  • Collaborate with members of the executive team, product management, and others in engineering to understand, question, and validate use cases where we want to leverage data science.
  • Personally create data science models based on the use cases mentioned above.  This candidate must be comfortable creating both data science models using Python, Amazon SageMaker, Flask, etc, as well as the data pipelines those models will leverage
  • Lead your team of data scientists and analysts to productize data science models.  The Head of Data Science will have sole accountability for ensuring the best models are being used and that your team are executing at maximum velocity
  • Implement best practices (technology and processes) for your team to follow that drive efficiency, speed, maintainability, and scalability
  • Provide estimates on the time required to implement machine learning models.
  • Engage closely with engineering and product management regarding the consumption of your data science models so they can be productized and consumed by customers.
  • Collaborate with product management to create the data science roadmap
  • Drive the data science roadmap execution to ensure capabilities are delivered within scope, on-time, and with good quality.
  • Resolve roadblocks and escalate to management when appropriate.

What you’ll bring:
First and foremost, the Head of Data Science will be accountable and responsible for driving the innovation and execution of data science practice.  This includes providing hands-on leadership by prototyping data science models to validate/in-validate hypothesis and then driving execution to productize those models to ensure speed of execution along with scalability, performance, and maintainability of the models themselves. 
You should have a passion for utilizing data to obtain new insights and for turning those insights into revenue generating commercial offerings that enable our customers to grow their business.

  • 10+ years of hands-on data science experience where you are personally creating data science models.  This includes..
    • Performing data preparation (using SQL or Python)
    • Creating data pipelines
    • Practical experience in implementing machine learning algorithms for clustering, classification, regression use cases
    • Evolving your model through tuning
    • Productizing data science models to be used in a production environment
  • 3+ years managing data science teams
  • 5+ years utilizing Python to create data science models
  • 2+ years building data science models in Amazon SageMaker and creating Python code using Flask
  • You should be very familiar and comfortable performing ETL activities on data sets
  • Track record working on a large-scale data platform in a data-intensive environment
  • Experience collaborating with architects, engineers, development managers, and product management to assist in the implementation and productization of your data science models
  • A hands-on approach to leading your team.  You should be comfortable diving into the code with your team to troubleshoot a problem or lead them through the implementation of a new model
  • Experience driving transformational change through technology innovation (you should be comfortable recommending third-party products to simplify execution)
  • Experience partnering with product management to drive roadmap execution.  This role is accountable for driving execution to ensure capabilities are delivered on-time, within scope, and with good quality